A social organisation, first named  as Club of friends of VSMPO ISM Slovakia, was established as an institution for promotion and development of education for students at International School of Management ISM in Presov on15th November 2006.

Since 4th March 2008 this civic association bears its new name ISM Alumni Prešov. The association is headed by Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Slovakia and an entrepreneur (Gemor Fashion) Ing. Matthew Murajda.

Alumni association (from lat. Inmate, a former student, current student, sympathiser, member) has also been working with our partner university ISM Dortmund. An organisation of this name can be found in many universities abroad.




Like in Dortmund, the ISM Alumni Presov which exists at VSMPO ISM Slovakia in Prešov, creates a common forum for students, graduates, friends and supporters of ISM and plays an important role both inside and outside the university.

The most significant one is to support active students and to mediate an apprenticeship for them.

The Alumni association is also helpful in the selection of topics and preparation of diploma works throughout members from the ranks of entrepreneurs.

It also provides consulting and support for students (graduates) with job seeking.

Furthermore ISM Alumni Prešov supports organisation of official, as well as, informal events of VSMPO ISM Slovakia in Prešov and its students (excursions, matriculation balls, sport and cultural events, etc.).